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Giving the Gift of Matcha

Gifting the world's best matcha to that special person, right to their door and in perfect time for the New Year!!

Why hassle with monthly re-ordering? Our Gift Subscriptions
flex to every schedule, loved one’s included!

Choose the perfect matcha

Feel the "Joy of Giving" this year. Matcha is trending in the health and wellness world, your loved one's mind + body will thank you.

Head to checkout

Mix and match the way you know they'll love. You pick which matcha when, and then forget about it.

Use your loved one's Shipping Addres to checkout

Your friends and family will get the best matcha the world has to offer. Your wallet won't be the only one thanking you.


Are Delivery Schedules Discounted equally?

No! Our 3-month options receive 15% OFF, while our 6 and 12-month options enjoy 20-25% OFF based on delivery frequency.

How can I change the products or frequency of my subscription items?

ALL pre-paid subscriptions can select a new product, frequency, and delivery schedule at the end of the current auto-renewal subscription period. To make adjustments, login to view your subscriptions. You’ll be able to easily skip, swap, add, or edit your auto-renewal however you’d like.

Will I be charged a fee if I change my subscription or add products?

Again, our subscriptions are designed to remove the worry of monthly ordering. You won't be charged a fee for switching to a different product or delivery schedule. Additional products will ship right away, while some changes to active subscriptions will take effect at the end of the pre-paid period.

Do I have to receive all of my shipments?

If you’d like to change when you receive shipments, just login and edit your subscription schedule. If you’d like to cancel before the full term, we’re happy to refund for remaining shipments on either 6 or 12 month schedules. Refunds available after 3-shipments, early-cancellation agrees to pay full retail value for delivered shipments.

Do Subscriptions qualify for Free Shipping?

Yes! Along with access to amazing discounts. We know how important matcha is to our customer’s daily energy, and our subscriptions allow us to offer this added benefit. You’ll never have to worry about postage or scheduling a delivery either.

Can I get a MatchaKari subscription if I live outside of the U.S.?

At this time, subscription services are for U.S. residents only.

Are all products available for the subscription program?

You can order any tea item under our subscription plan, including your choice of delivery frequency and duration.

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