Matcha green tea

A First Taste of Our Matcha

Whether you’ve had matcha before or not, we suggest you first taste Matcha Kari by preparing it as traditional thin tea.

Heat water in a kettle until steam first appears; this will be well below boiling, about 180°F. Turn off heat. Pour about a half cup of the hot water into a tea bowl (chawan) to warm it. Then discard the water and dry the inside of the bowl with a paper towel. Use a tea scoop (chashaku) to measure 3 scoops of matcha powder — about 1 teaspoon — into the warmed bowl. Add about ¼ cup of the hot water. Use a tea whisk (chasen) to mix the powder and water. Begin with slow, back-and-forth strokes, then agitate the mixture to a froth with quick strokes. (Do not scrub the whisk on the bottom of the bowl.) Rinse the whisk and wipe the scoop. Then enjoy your bowl of matcha.

First note the color of the brew. Then inhale its aroma. Finally, slurp some of the liquid. (Japanese do this noisily, mixing it with air, to get the fullest taste.) Try eating a bite of a plain cookie or a few unsalted nuts in between sips of tea. Then continue to take slurps of your matcha until it is gone. Close your eyes, sit back, and savor the lingering taste and aroma. Think about all the labor and care that went into the making of the special tea you just drank. Consider its beneficial effects on your body and mind. Stay in that calm space for a moment.