Halloween Recipe | No-bake Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

Halloween Recipe | No-bake Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

It’s Halloween season, and we’re trying to be as creative as possible with our matcha creations nowadays. Putting another meaning to 'finger-lickin’ good', feast your eyes (and mouth) on our easy no-bake and homemade matcha green tea Kit Kat finger bars!

Halloween Recipe | No-bake Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

They may look a little scary and a tad bit gruesome, but that’s all a part of the Halloween festivities! You can give out these matcha Kit Kat finger bars as treats, if you wrap them up well enough. Another way to give it out is by making them and bringing them over as party favors to any or all of the Halloween parties you’ll be attending. You’re sure to make a lasting impression with all the guests and ghouls by tricking and treating them with these homemade Kit Kats.

Matcha benefits, nothing scary about it

Fortunately enough, these matcha green tea bars taste better than they look! We all know that chocolate and matcha pair well together, and create the perfect balance of sweet and earthy-umami. On top of that, matcha has loads of benefits when taken properly!

It’s always important to use high quality matcha when drinking it. That way, you get all the nutritional benefits there are to matcha.

Matcha green tea offers numerous health benefits. It is known for its rich nutritional profile and high antioxidant content. Consuming high-quality matcha provides a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. Matcha is believed to boost metabolism, enhance focus and concentration, promote relaxation, and support overall well-being.

Halloween Recipe | No-bake Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

Additionally, matcha contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which can induce a calming effect and improve mental clarity. Incorporating matcha green tea into your diet can be a delicious way to enjoy these health benefits while indulging in a sweet treat like homemade matcha green tea Kit Kat bars.

In this case, we’re creating a sweet treat with matcha, so we can use Culinary Grade Matcha Powder. This type of matcha is best for food and other baked goods. This way, you get the full flavor of matcha, and still the vibrant green from great quality matcha.

Here’s everything you need to know about matcha and if it goes bad or isn’t as fresh anymore.

Homemade Matcha Kit Kat Ingredients:

  • white chocolate

  • matcha powder

  • vanilla wafers

  • sliced almonds



Homemade Matcha Kit Kat Bars Directions:

  1. Melt white chocolate and mix in matcha powder.

  2. Dip vanilla wafers in the chocolate

  3. Add almond slices as “nails” and create knuckle-like lines with a knife or a toothpick.

Matcha Kit Kat recipe for any occasion

You can definitely make these matcha Kit Kats every Halloween, but you can also make them all-year round! It’s all in the decorating, but the base ingredients stay the same. Simply shape or mold the bars to look like the classic Kit Kat—sans the logo, maybe.

It’s best to mix white chocolate and green matcha powder for the outer coating of the Kit Kat bars, but as for the wafer, try using another flavor—hazelnut or chocolate, to start—to see what else pairs well with matcha green tea. Although more often than not, many ingredients pair well with matcha!

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Now all that’s left to do is “Have A Break, Have A Matcha Kit Kat!”