The 2 Best Matcha Whisks Every Kind of Tea Enthusiast Needs

The 2 Best Matcha Whisks Every Kind of Tea Enthusiast Needs

Are you looking to regularly enjoy a perfectly frothy cup of matcha and level up your matcha game?  While there are a lot of specific matcha tea accessories out there, there are truly only two that are absolutely essential to enjoy your daily cup of matcha anywhere and anytime: a traditional 80-prong bamboo matcha whisk and an electric 'bamboo style' frother.

essential whisks to enjoy your daily cup of matcha anywhere and anytime: a traditional 80-prong bamboo matcha whisk and an electric 'bamboo style' frother.

Whether you are new to matcha, a busy tea enthusiast, someone who takes the time for ceremonial tea preparation, or are looking for the perfect matcha whisk and frother to use on the go when you travel— we have you covered. 

Keep reading as we explain exactly what a matcha whisk is vs. electric matcha whisk is, why you should whisk, and learn more about the best matcha whisk and electric matcha frother that every tea enthusiast and beginner needs – including you!

What is a matcha whisk?

A matcha whisk, also known as a chasen or matcha brush, is the most basic and essential tool for preparing a delicious cup of matcha tea and popular matcha drinks such as a matcha latte

It is a traditional Japanese tea utensil used for centuries in traditional tea ceremonies specifically designed to mix matcha powder with water into a smooth and foamy consistency and also enhance the texture, aroma, and flavor of your matcha – that way, you are getting the most out of your high-quality matcha green tea powder.

why a 80 prong whisk is the best whisk for making matcha tea

Traditionally, a matcha whisk is crafted from a single piece of bamboo – which does not leave any smell or taste that may impact your matcha's flavor profile like a metal electric frother may. Bamboo is also a durable material that is highly flexible and bendy – so they don't scratch matcha bowls. Plus, when cared for correctly, a matcha whisk can last for a long time – months to several years.

What is an electric matcha frother?

An electric matcha frother is an electrically powered matcha whisk designed to help you quickly and easily blend matcha tea or help froth up your milk for a quintessential matcha latte.

A handheld, battery-powered frother can do a great job at frothing your matcha, whether cold or hot in tall glasses  (to avoid a splash zone!) — agitating your matcha powder fast to give you a perfectly smooth and frothy matcha in seconds.

Why whisk and froth your matcha?

Whisking and frothing your matcha tea helps with oxygenation and suspension, helping your finely ground matcha powder and water to mix with air, giving it a thick layer of tiny, frothy bubbles on top. Properly whisking your matcha will help you enjoy all the potential healthful properties without clumps or too much matcha sediment settling at the bottom of your cup or bowl.

why you should whisk your matcha with a bamboo whisk or electric frother

For comparison – think of how froth impacts a cappuccino or espresso – or how wine enthusiasts often let a red wine aerate and "breathe" to reach its full depth of flavor before serving.

Learn more about why matcha doesn't dissolve in water – but suspends.

The Top 2 Matcha Whisks Every Tea Enthusiast & Beginner Need

The 80-prong traditional bamboo matcha whisk

Suppose you are new to matcha, looking to fine-tune your skills preparing a traditional cup of matcha, enjoy taking the time to be mindful while making your matcha, or simply want to get the most out of your high-quality matcha powder. In that case, you need an 80-prong traditional bamboo matcha whisk.  

There are many small differences in traditional bamboo matcha whisks, with varying numbers of prongs (or tines) and length of handles.

As a general rule of thumb, a matcha whisk with 60 prongs or less is better for making a thicker kind of matcha tea, known as Koicha, while 100 prongs is better for preparing a thin style of matcha, known as Usucha. 

an 80-prong matcha whisk is essential to make matcha --  find out why

A matcha whisk with 80 prongs is considered the most versatile – perfect for preparing both styles with precision and ease.

Shop our 80-prong handmade bamboo matcha whisk for $24.00

Highlights for the 80-prong bamboo matcha whisk:

  • The whisk has been specifically designed over centuries to create the perfectly creamy and velvety cup of high-quality matcha
  • Creates ultra-fine surface foam
  • Ethically sourced and sustainably made
  • It is easily cleaned by running under hot water
  • It is dynamic for making both thick and thinner style matcha
  • It offers a meditative and authentic experience and may have a therapeutic effect
  • Impress friends with your whisking skills
  • It can last 1-2 years when taken care of and stored correctly
  • Affordably priced for a high-quality and durable traditional bamboo whisk

  • The Electric' bamboo style' frother

    This electric bamboo style frother is designed to froth matcha in style effortlessly without worrying about compromising the flavor of your matcha with metal.

    This electric bamboo style frother is designed to efficiently produce silky-smooth bubbles and perfectly mixed matcha.

    This electric bamboo-style whisk is perfect for those who prefer faster preparation, matcha latte lovers, travelers, making matcha in bulk, or individuals who don't want to worry about taking care of a more delicate bamboo whisk. 

    Highlights for the electric bamboo style frother:

  • It is faster than a traditional whisk and ideal for people with busy schedules.
  • It is convenient to use and easy to clean.
  • It can be used for both hot and cold preparation.
  • You can adjust the power to be low or high depending on the size and height of your glass.
  • Perfect for mixing matcha in taller cups and glasses. You can then drink or pour your matcha into a bowl
  • Ethically sourced and sustainably made
  • It's a multi-functional kitchen gadget that can be used for frothing milk, making whipped cream, and making the perfect matcha latte and other popular matcha beverages
  • It requires no practice to make and is very practical for beginners
  • It can last for years and just requires batteries to be replaced six months to a year, depending on use
  • It is an affordable and durable option 
  • A portable case and batteries are included

  • Shop the electric bamboo style frother for $18.00

    The bottom line | The two types of matcha whisks are so complimentary

    With these two types of matcha whisks, you have every aspect of preparing matcha covered. 

    Where one may have limitations – say, the inability to use your traditional bamboo whisk in a tall cup or prepare a cold cup of matcha – the electric bamboo-style whisk can come to the rescue. And when you find your electric whisk fails in creating an ultrafine layer of bubbles, not splashing your matcha out of a shallow bowl or providing the meditative moment you are looking for in your day – you can turn to your traditional bamboo whisk.

    Whatever matcha whisk tool and accessories you decide to use on a given day comes down to what type of matcha drink you want to enjoy and what you hope to get from your tea-drinking experience.


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