How to get started with Matcha Green Tea [Recipe and video 2020]

How to get started with Matcha Green Tea [Recipe and video 2020]

 Getting Started at a glance…

  • What is Matcha?
  • How it’s made, easy recipe, tutorial Video
  • Where it all started + Health and modern science

What is Matcha

First of all, matcha is not the average caffeinated drink. This is an energizer with a time-honored job to do, for the past millennium serving as the exclusive brain fuel and performance optimizer for Zen monks and even the Samurai. As it has opened the way to unprecedented potential, it now has left the shores of Japan to come to you.  

How to Make Matcha Green Tea | Traditional Matcha Tea

Once matcha has undergone its rigorous harvesting process, it’s up to you to finish the job by preparing and enjoying it correctly. To keep things simple, try this traditional recipe:  

  1. Start by heating water right to about 180°F; as a rule of thumb that’s just as steam first starts to appear, turn off the heat.
  2. Pour ½-cup of warm water into your matcha bowl (chawan); discard the water once the bowl becomes warm and continue by drying the inside of the bowl with a cloth or towel. 
  3. For best taste, use your tea-scoop to measure ~3 scoops (one serving or ~1-tsp) of sifted matcha powder into the warmed bowl. Then, add ~¼-cup of the heated water. If making more than one serving, multiply the measurements appropriately.
  4. Use your whisk to mix until a bright and frothy green tea is created. The recommended style of whisking is to begin with slow, controlled strokes, and then quickly agitating until a very fine froth develops above the tea.
  5. Rinse your utensils, and enjoy! Take your first sips gently through the froth to experience your matcha’s subtle notes of flavor. 

Matcha’s Ancient Origins | Modern Health Benefits of Matcha

We wouldn’t have matcha if not for the ancient roots of Zen Buddhism and its favor in meditation. All the way from seed-to-sip, the experience of matcha has been tied mindfully, intentionally, and delicately as it elevates our mood and conscious-state. Shared across its long history is the hand it offers in providing space to cultivate one’s energies physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

As far as modern science and health research, it all starts with matcha’s farming practices which dramatically differ from common green tea. The leaves are sustainably grown, pre-shaded before harvest, and then carefully hand-picked and separated according to strict characteristics in quality, color, and texture. This special care means the tea leaves develop greater amounts of chlorophyll, antioxidants like EGCG, and healthy amino acids like L-theanine. 

Thus, not only is matcha more flavorful than green tea, it epitomizes the beneficial compounds in tea, serving to impart the prized experience and effect of this Daily Ritual. Each day more people grow accustomed to matcha’s superior energizing qualities, and its unprecedented for creating healthier and happier moments. 

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Lifestyle Hacks that Pair Perfectly with Matcha

Matcha isn’t a lifestyle as much as a lifestyle amplifier. That said, as much as it goes above and beyond for our health, it’s also a great fuel as you optimize other areas in your life. Try a couple of these additions/changes to mindset and daily routine:

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