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Matcha Tools & Matcha Accessories: Everything You Need to Know

More often than not, a lot of people can see matcha as an intimidating drink to make, mainly because of all the different matcha tools and accessories involved in its creation. Yes, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it, but there isn’t just one right way to do it. 

matcha kari tools and matcha kari accessories

Here at, we’re here to ease all your worries, and help you understand the simple yet intricate details that go behind making the perfect cup of matcha tea. That's why we've created the ultimate list of popular matcha tools and matcha accessories. Knowing the matcha basics will definitely get you a long way in creating all things matcha.

Now let's get to the fun of learning behind all the matcha tools and accessories you’ll need. Keep reading to find out all the different things you’ll need to prepare matcha, as well as how to use them, and care for them.

Putting in the effort to get to know these matcha items will definitely elevate all your matcha creations. Let’s get started!

A list of matcha tools and accessories

matcha bowl or chawan
Matcha bowl or chawan

Each matcha bowl, or traditionally called chawan, is uniquely its own. They are handcrafted by local Japanese artisans, with each having their own variations in the contours and crevices, patterns and color.

Matcha is traditionally prepared in a chawan, and taken in it too. With the matcha prepared and ready in this bowl, hold it with both hands, and raise it to your lips to sip in small portions.

Daily Matcha Bowl
Premium Matcha Bowl

matcha tea scoop or chashaku
Bamboo matcha tea scoop or chashaku

The chashaku, made from a single piece of fine bamboo, is the traditional tool used to measure your matcha for one serving to drink. One chashaku scoop holds around one gram or 1/4 teaspoon of matcha powder. One heaping chashaku scoop holds around two grams or 1/2 teaspoons of matcha powder. It’s recommended to use 2 chashaku scoops in your one serving of matcha, but it can always be adjusted to your preference on how you take your matcha tea.

Traditional Matcha Tea Scoop or Chashaku

Exclusively Japanese Hand-made Matcha Tea Scoop or Chashaku

matcha sifter or furui

Matcha tea sifter or furui

When you open your tin of matcha and see clumps, don’t take it as a bad sign. It’s completely normal for matcha clumps to form. That’s why we have the matcha tea sifter or furui. Using a sifter first will get rid of all the unwanted clumps of matcha, giving your a smoother matcha powder that will be easier to whisk, and bloom all the health benefits too.

Stainless-steal Japanese-made Matcha Sifter or Furui

Traditional Sifter Tin with Sieve or Matcha Tea Caddy

matcha whisk and whisk stand or chasen and chasend stand

Bamboo matcha whisk or chasen and matcha whisk-shaped dryer or chasen stand

By using the traditional bamboo matcha whisk, or chasen, you are able to skilfully and mindfully practice the Japanese art of matcha-making. At the same time, you’re also able to create the perfect layer of froth on top to properly oxidize your matcha tea and reap all its benefits. Using the chasen vigorously allows you to perfectly blend and smoothen out your matcha.

When your chasen is not in use, you may place it on its matcha whisk-shaped dryer or chasen stand. Using this tool will allow your whisk to keep its excellent shape and form.

Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk or Chasen

Chasen Stand

matcha electric frother or electric whisk

Matcha electric frother or matcha electric whisk

The matcha electric frother offers convenience to matcha making. Whisking your matcha with this tool is quick and seamless. It’s able to properly mix the matcha powder and water to create a homogenised mixture, while still create the layer of froth on top. The matcha electric whisk is best used for on-the-go and daily use.

Electric Bamboo-style Frother

matcha japanese tumbler cup

Matcha Japanese tumbler cup

Each matcha cup is traditionally inspired, and artisanally crafted. These ceramics are made from only premium, specialized clay blended by our Japanese artisan partner producers. The tumbler cup is better utilized with an electric frother rather than the traditional whisk because of its shape, making it a more popular option to take your matcha lattes in. If you wish to prepare your matcha traditionally with a whisk, you can always transfer your matcha into the tumbler cup, and take it here too.

Matcha Japanese Tumbler Cup

matcha kettle

Matcha kettle

Precision is key when preparing the hot water that’ll be used in properly whisking our matcha. By using a digital temperature-controlled kettle, you’ll be able to get exact temperature of hot water that’s needed to whisk our matcha in.

Digital Temperature-controlled Kettle

Those are all the matcha tools and matcha accessories you’ll need in preparing the perfect cup of matcha. There’s a lot of uniqueness and authenticity that goes into the traditional method of matcha making. But it can also be very simple and straightforward to still create the perfect matcha green tea cup.

Matcha bamboo whisk vs matcha electric whisk: which is better for preparing matcha tea?

There are a lot of curious onlookers who ask us, which is better for matcha? The matcha whisk or the electric frother?

matcha electric frother vs matcha whisk

What is good about using a bamboo matcha whisk?

Both matcha mixing tools have their own advantages. The matcha bamboo whisk is used in the traditional Japanese way of preparing matcha tea. In using the bamboo whisk or chasen, you’re more connected to your matcha meditation. It keeps you mindful throughout the entire process.

By brushing your matcha with strokes, and slowly leveling off closer to the surface, and seeing the foam form on the top layer, you become more aware as to what you’re creating for yourself and your body. It’s a beautiful process to be a part of, and to partake in.

What is good about using an electric frother?

The electric frother on the other hand is a simple and efficient matcha mixing tool that is sure to get the job done. We often find ourselves in a rush to get to places, and sometimes we can’t always slow down our for some routines. We can’t miss a day of matcha, so making it with an electric frother is the most convenient way to go.

It’s a quicker way to prepare your matcha, and easy to bring around too. You don’t miss out on the foam layer too when whisking your matcha this way. So you still get all the good stuff going.

We wouldn’t say there’s one better than the other, but it’s all a matter of preference and circumstance. Personally, we love having both at the ready in our respective matcha kitchen stations.

Depending on our moods, how much time we have to prepare, and what type of matcha concoctions we’re creating too, either matcha whisking tool may be used.

Taking care of your matcha tools and accessories: how to clean them

All the matcha components are intricate and authentic, meaning they require gentle care. It’s important to take good care of your matcha tools and accessories to get the most use out of them, and so that they can properly serve their purpose in creating the perfect cup of matcha.

How to clean your matcha tools and accessories

Cleaning your matcha bowl/chawan and matcha tumbler cup

Gently handwash with soap and sponge, and handle it with care. These ceramics are unique and fragile, so it’s always good to properly care for these items while cleaning them.

Cleaning your bamboo matcha whisk/chasen and bamboo matcha tea scoop/chashaku

Gently wash with warm water.

For the chasen, you may prepare a warm cup of water, and rinse the whisk by doing brush strokes in the cup to keep the bristles clean. Rinse it further under warm running water to get rid of any further residue.

For the chashaku, gently handwash it under running water. Use your fingers to remove the matcha powder that sticks to the scoop, and make sure nothing sticks to keep it clean.

Every once in a while (but not too often!), you may add in some gentle soap with diluted water on the bamboo to make sure it stays clean. It’s important to not soak it thoroughly in soap as this may cause damage.

Cleaning your matcha tea sifter/furui

You may handwash the furui with soap and a sponge or place it in the dishwasher too.

Cleaning your matcha electric frother

In a cup, place in warm soap water, and run the electric whisk side through it to throughly clean it. Since our electric whisk is only bamboo-style, it is okay to run it through soapy water, as compared to true bamboo material. Make sure not to get the handle wet since there are batteries inside.

If you want to see exactly how it's done, watch the video below for a quick Matcha 101:



The best matcha tea sets for value 

For whatever matcha level you’re at, we’ve got an array of sets for you to choose from! If you’ve already got some of your favorite premium matcha green tea at hand, our ‘Just the Tools’ set would be perfect for you! Now, if you’re just starting out with all things matcha, we’ve got three other sets for you to choose from.

organic matcha tea set

Organic Matcha Tea Set

What’s in the kit?

This is one of our best-selling and beginner-friendly matcha kits that include a matcha bowl, matcha scoop (chashuka), matcha whisk (chasen), matcha sifter (furui), and our premium Tenchi Ceremonial Organic 30g matcha green tea.

‘Just the Tools’ Matcha Accessories Starter Bundle

‘Just the Tools’ Matcha Accessories Starter Bundle

What’s in this kit?

As we mentioned, if you already have some matcha powder in stock, this kit will come in handy for you. Each kit comes with one matcha sifter and one matcha scoop. From there, you can choose between a bundle of a matcha bowl and a matcha whisk or a matcha cup and a matcha electric frother.

‘New to Matcha’ Full Kit with Organic Matcha

‘New to Matcha’ Full Kit with Organic Matcha

What’s in the kit?

This kit is great for matcha beginners, but it could work well for anyone too. The ‘new to matcha’ kit contains one of our highest grades Superior Organic Matcha 30g. On top of that, you just need to choose your preferred color for either your matcha bowl or matcha up, and your preferred mixing style, between the matcha whisk and the matcha electric frother.

Highest End Organic Matcha Kit, Premium Matcha and Premium Utensils

Highest End Organic Matcha Kit, Premium Matcha and Premium Utensils

What’s in the kit?

This matcha set is for all the mindful matcha connoisseurs who want that strong attention to detail. This is a highly curated, premium Japanese matcha kit that has our Tenchi Organic Ceremonial Matcha, Premium Ceramics (either the premium chawan or matcha tumbler), a Japanese-made Tea Caddy, Japanese tea scoop, a matcha tea sifter, a traditional bamboo whisk, and a whisk holder. All of which are from our premium line.

Matcha sets for two people

Matcha sets for two people

If you’re looking to share your matcha experience with a loved one, or want to gift one to yourself and one to another, we’ve got you covered! We love it when matcha is a shared experience, so growing the matcha community with someone you know is just the best gift for all of us.

Instant matcha, with no tools required

We’ve been talking about a lot about the proper tools you’ll need to make your matcha tea. It’s simple yet mindful. But here at, we understand that some people want things in an instant or on-the-go. So with tons of research, innovation, and creativity, we came out with some instant matcha products that are ready with just a shake or a stir!

instant matcha latte

Try out any of our instant matcha powders, and our other instantly-dissolving teas that other premium taste and healthful benefits too:

The bottom line

Sometimes people have a tendency to be intimated by matcha because of how it is prepared and the tools needed to make it. But when you fully understand the process, you learn that matcha is more simple than you think, and that matcha is for everyone. It’s an easy yet mindful process that creates a full and flavorful matcha drink.

So now, what do you think are the matcha tools and accessories that best suite your lifestyle and personality? It’s time to figure out which matcha and what matcha tools work best for you!