Best Matcha Green Tea Cocktail Recipes

The 6 Best Matcha Green Tea Cocktail Recipes

The holiday festivities are in full-swing, and whether you’re planning on cozy evening in or you have parties galore on your agenda, we’ve got you covered with these six matcha cocktail recipes.

We love a good cocktail, but want to know which ones make our nice list? Keep reading to find out which matcha cocktails we’ll be making this season that everyone can enjoy.  We’re rounded up our six best matcha cocktail recipes for you to try!

What alcohol goes best with matcha?

The great thing about matcha is that it’s incredibly versatile. Matcha green tea powder has a deep umami flavor, which pairs well with many different ingredients and alcohol types. From the smokiness of mezcal to the boldness of whiskey and everything in between, there’s a matcha cocktail out there for every alcohol connoisseur. 

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to matcha and liquor. You can experiment with different types such as vodka, rum, whiskey, and even beer. From martinis to hot toddies, there’s something out there just for you.

best matcha cocktails list

Let's dive into the 6 best matcha cocktail recipes: 

Dr. Weil's Matcha Martini

Here at, we prefer our martinis shaken, not stirred, just like Dr. Weil. This twist on a  classic cocktail comes out looking more vibrant and full of flavor thanks to the matcha tea powder. It’s undeniably smooth and strong, just as any great cocktail should be.

Dr. Weil's Matcha Martini

Try Dr. Weil's Matcha Martini here

Matcha Beer

While combining matcha and beer may sound odd, it turns out that it actually makes so much sense. Our matcha beer recipe is something every matcha and beer lover needs to try. It’s a simple recipe that involves making a matcha syrup and then adding into your beer of choice. It’s a no-fuss drink, that’s easily enjoyed.

Matcha beer recipe 

Matcha Hot Toddy

Looking for a warm cocktail on a cold winter's night? Try this comforting matcha hot toddy. Made with a mix of honey, lemon, matcha powder, and your favorite whiskey, this cocktail is easy to make and even easier to drink. A warm and fragrant cocktail might be just what you need to keep warm this season. 

Try our matcha hot toddy

Matcha Mojito 

With all the bold flavors from the mint, lime, and rum that comes with a classic mojito, the addition of matcha green tea is sure to give you cause for celebration! This is the perfect drink to share at a holiday party with your friends and family. You know it will be a good time when the matcha mojitos come out. 

Matcha Mojito

Try our matcha mojito recipe


Looking for a low-calorie cocktail? This matcharita is your answer! Our homemade matcharita recipe is around 150-200 calories per glass and tastes delicious. It’s refreshing and beautiful to boot. 


Click here to try a matcharita

Skinny Matcha Sangria

Our skinny matcha sangria comes with all the delicious tastes of a classic sangria, but with slightly less sugar. Meaning more room to enjoy those holiday cookies! This recipe has zero added sugar as all the sweetness comes from fresh fruit. This white sangria matches perfectly with the the earthy flavor of matcha. It’s so divine and refreshing, one glass won’t be enough!

Matcha Sangria  



More matcha drink ideas

Like we said, matcha is incredibly versatile and pairs well with so many things. Making matcha cocktails at home is a simple way to enjoy the flavor of matcha while celebrating in the company of friends. Aside from these amazing matcha cocktail ideas, check out our delicious matcha recipes. 

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