Iced Matcha Hibiscus Latte

Iced Hibiscus Matcha Latte Vegan & Dairy-fee Recipe | Easy, Refreshing, and Healthful

There’s nothing like having our Japanese matcha green tea the traditional way, but sometimes we like to play around and experiment with more colorful ingredients to create a more unique beverage with our premium matcha! This time around, we tried something new with hibiscus tea and matcha latte. Hibiscus tea has a tart, fruity flavor profile, with a slightly sweet and tangy taste. In mixing it with our matcha powder, it creates this sort of light and refreshingly bittersweet taste that’s both pleasant and complementary.

Matcha Tea and Hibiscus Tea Benefits

More than the fantastic flavor that an iced hibiscus matcha latte creates, this drink also doubles in healthy goodness too! In combining matcha tea and hibiscus tea, we can take in the benefits of both these wonderful teas. Hibiscus tea is known to be a good source of vitamin C, believed to have higher levels of vitamin C than some fruits, including oranges. In addition to this, both hibiscus tea and matcha tea have been shown to have antioxidant properties, so this just doubles the dose for this great benefit to our bodies. Moreover, matcha contains both caffeine and L-theanine, which can increase energy levels and promote relaxation and focus at the same time.

There are way too many good things to say about this drink, from its vibrant look to its refreshing taste, all the way to its double dose on benefits. You should definitely try making this at home, and keep it as a staple in your beverage routine to keep yourself feeling lighter, happier and healthier!

Iced Matcha Hibiscus Latte

Iced Hibiscus Matcha Latte Ingredients:

Yields: 1 cup | Prep time: 5 minutes

3 bamboo scoops of matcha

80 ml hot water

80 ml hibiscus tea

50 ml non-dairy milk (we recommend any non-dairy milk to get the full effect of our matcha tea)

choice of sweetener

Hibiscus Matcha Latte Recipe:

  1. Steep hibiscus tea and add sweetener to your liking.
  2. Sift matcha powder in a tea bowl and add hot water. Whisk until frothy.
  3. In a glass cup, add ice, hibiscus tea, and milk of choice.
  4. Pour in the matcha tea, and enjoy!

Matcha Kari Recommendations and More

We recommend trying out this recipe with Dr. Weil’s highly recommended Organic Matcha Superior or our Tenchi Ceremonial Organic Matcha! These two matcha powders go great with lattes and blend perfectly with other flavors.

For added fun, and a full matcha experience, purchase our Organic Matcha Tea Set to create your matcha in the most traditional way too!

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