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Why Make Matcha an Everyday Ritual?

Self-care was rated by popular wellness experts as one of 2016’s most influential trends. We know that embracing self-care is essential to a healthy lifestyle. We believe in creating daily rituals to help us do that.

For some, their ritual is enjoying the morning paper under a cozy blanket; for others, it’s yoga at sunrise. For us? Well, matcha, of course!

Matcha symbolizes relaxation, happiness, and socialization. It can be enjoyed on one’s own or with family and friends. Matcha fits perfectly into daily rituals that support self-care.

If you’re wondering if rituals are really that important, we say, yes!

First, rituals work. Research shows that even simple ones can be beneficial and help us appreciate the value of our health and wellness, family, friends, and the expression of gratitude. Rituals give us an opportunity to be present and set intentions for our day. They need not be elaborate or time-consuming. What’s important is to maintain consistency in their practice.

Rituals can help us find beauty in imperfection. Wabi-sabi is the age-old Japanese concept that joy and peace can be seen in simple, unadorned objects, especially in those that are aged, weathered, or even broken. When we set our daily intentions without pressure of perfection, we give ourselves space to learn and grow — and also to have fun.

So how about that matcha? Healthy foods and beverages fuel the body. We recommend making matcha part of your daily ritual of self-care.

The simple preparation of your matcha is a meditative activity. If your family usually starts the day with everyone running in five different directions, beginning the day instead by enjoying matcha together can help everyone ease into their day with less stress. If you’re the person getting those five people breakfast and out the door each morning, maybe matcha time is just for you!

If morning is not your favorite ritual time, think about when in your day you could use a break — maybe mid-afternoon. Preparing a bowl of matcha for yourself in the afternoon can be awesome!

  1. Intention. Prepare your matcha while setting your intention and acknowledging what you are thankful for.
  2. Activate the senses. Pay attention to the color, aroma, and taste of matcha.
  3. Experience calm centeredness.
  4. Establish a sequence or two. From the preparation to the consumption, ritual is about being mindfully sequential. The brain sets up new, healthy neural-networks when we introduce it repeatedly to something that promotes health.
Do you have a matcha tea ritual you’d like to share with us or a self-care ritual that you’ve been practicing into which you could incorporate matcha?