30-Day Matcha Challenge: Tactics for Each Week

30-Day Matcha Challenge: Tactics for Each Week

Some might still be looking for the right kick-start to their year, but we’re thrilled by the number of folks who’ve already joined our 30-day challenge to Level Up.

You can begin at anytime, but what better time than today? Even if 2020 is already off to a great start, this challenge is for everyone. It’s not a resolution.

You already know we’re not big fans of resolutions. We like to offer tactics instead. Tactics are what you learn to use, unlike resolutions which people (most often) drop and forget. 

These are the tactics that we’re incorporating with matcha. They pair together to fuel our mindset, health, and overall growth. They’ll set you up for an amazing year. Plus, the last round of folks took it upon themselves to carry on far after 30-days


We call starting something new Leveling-Up. And your time has come.

It only takes 2-3 weeks to make new routines into habits, but you have to do it everyday. The 30-day Matcha Challenge balances this essential fact with easy to implement tactics.

Each week you can choose one, or all to bring into your day. 

The trick? Matcha ties it all together by amplifying all of their benefits. 

Matcha will help you find the motivation to give them a try each day, and keep them going until they’re habit. And below we’ve updated our last 30-day Challenge for the changes we need most in 2020.

Week 1: The Morning 5 Try these essential upgrades to your morning routine. Don’t forget the gratitude AND matcha, everyday.

Week 2: Three Boosts to Health Breath. Cold-exposure. Breakfast. (and Matcha!)

Week 3: Balance and Reconnect Finding sleep, purpose, nature, and a couple reasons to switch to matcha.

Week 4: Bio-hacks, Attitude, Matcha, and more Simple to implement shifts in mindset, superfoods, and enjoying matcha daily (without THIS common additive).

The bottom line

The idea is that a snowball effect starts to happen. You feel connected to at least one new tactic each week. You bring it into the next week, and so on. By the end of the challenge, you’ll be a bonafide matcha lover, while healthier and happier too.

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If you’re down to Level Up with us, we’ve got a great way to participate. Please share your everyday efforts, tactics, and matcha-fueled experiences! 

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We'd love your help! Feel free to share any tactics you’d personally recommend, we love trying new things.