7 easy ways to make matcha without tea tools or traditional whisk

7 Easy Ways To Prepare Matcha Without a Bamboo Whisk

Using a bamboo whisk to prepare matcha tea can be intimidating for some, but the good news is that making matcha doesn't have to be a complex ritual!

7 ways to make matcha green tea without a whisk. How to prepare matcha tea without a bambo whisk.

Matcha is incredibly versatile and can be made in a number of ways. In this blog post, we'll explore seven easy ways to prepare matcha without relying on a traditional bamboo whisk. These straightforward methods simplify the process and add a touch of creativity to your matcha experience.

7 Straightforward Methods To Make Matcha Without a Bamboo Whisk

1) Shaker bottle with shaker ball:

For those who love convenience, a shaker bottle with a shaker ball is a game-changer. The shaker ball ensures a smooth and frothy consistency, making it a quick and easy way to enjoy your matcha on the go. This method is perfect for busy mornings or when you need a quick energy boost. 

How to prepare matcha with a shaker bottle:

Add matcha powder and cold or hot filtered water, milk, and sweetener to the bottle, pop it in your shaker ball, secure the lid, and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. If you don't have a shaker ball – that's okay! Adding ½ to 1 cup of ice cubes, shaking for a few extra seconds, or sifting your matcha before placing it into your shaker bottle will help you reach a smoother consistency without any matcha clumping.

It's also an excellent way to enjoy our hydrating Matcha Aid Electrolyte Blend!

Easy to-go matcha with a shaker bottle

What we love about making matcha in a shaker or water bottle:

This is the fastest way to enjoy an iced matcha or a matcha at room temperature. It requires zero specialty tea accessories or power sources – making it especially easy to do while traveling! It's a wonderful way to enjoy matcha if you prefer it plain and without any added sweeteners or milk – but it also can be jazzed up quickly to an iced matcha latte!

2) Blender:

Transform your matcha experience by using a blender. The blender creates a luxurious, velvety texture, enhancing the overall drinking experience. This method is not only efficient but also allows you to experiment with different ingredients, such as adding sweeteners or ice for a refreshing twist.

How to prepare matcha powder using a blender:

Add warmed water (or milk), matcha, and your sweetener of choice in a blender, and blend on a high setting until smooth and frothy. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

If you are preparing matcha hot, bring water to 176F (80C), then pour water into your blender and add the appropriate amount of matcha. If you are making just one serving, for example, add 2-4 grams per 1⁄2 to 1 cup of water, depending on the desired consistency.

What's great about making matcha in a blender: 

It's speedy, doesn't require any specific matcha tea accessories, gives an ample layer of froth, and you can use any sweetener you'd like– including dates!  Powdered matcha green tea is also a really great ingredient to experiment with in smoothie recipes – so don't be afraid to add it to any of your favorite smoothie recipes.

Easy blended matcha using a blender

The ultimate matcha green tea fat-burning smoothie recipe.

3) Electric handheld frother:

Investing in an electric handheld bamboo-style frother is a small step that makes a big difference. This handy tool quickly whips matcha into a creamy, aerated consistency without the time it often takes to master a traditional bamboo whisk. It's a simple yet effective solution for achieving the perfect froth, ideal for matcha lattes and even some matcha-based dessert recipes.

The 8 best matcha latte recipe list.

How to prepare matcha powder using an electric handheld frother:

First, be sure to choose a taller cup or not overfill your matcha bowl with too much water so that the power of your electric frother sends your matcha tea splashing onto your countertop. 

Once you choose the appropriate bowl or cup for your matcha, sift your matcha into your vessel of choice and then add your cold or hot water. 

Place your electric handheld frother into your matcha and water mixture, switch it on, and then mix for 15-30 seconds to combine until it creates a layer of bubbles on the surface. You can then enjoy a traditional cup of matcha this way OR combine it with the milk and sweetener you choose that you froth separately before blending with your tea.


Making matcha with an electric frother

Why we love using an electric handheld frother:

Battery-operated handheld frothers are fantastic for preparing a clump-free cup of matcha or matcha latte at home or on the go. They offer a satisfyingly quick alternative to a traditional bamboo whisk and an approachable way to make a clump-free cup of matcha or matcha latte at home without any practice.

4) Simple syrup (matcha, sweetener, & water):

Prepare a batch of matcha-infused simple syrup for an easy and versatile matcha boost when you need it most. Made from a sweetener (usually sugar but sometimes honey or maple syrup!) and water in a ratio of 1:1, you can also add spices and herbs to it; it's a convenient way to incorporate matcha into your favorite beverages and recipes. 

make Matcha simple syrup instead of using a whisk

How to make matcha simple syrup and use:

Add your water, sweetener of choice, and matcha powder (sifted if you have a sifter) in a saucepan with low to medium heat. Then, using a metal whisk or handheld blender, mix occasionally for 5-7 minutes until well combined and there are no visible clumps. Simmer until the mixture thickens to your desired consistency, then transfer it to a glass container such as a Mason jar. Let it cool and store at room temperature for up to one week. It can also be stored in the fridge.

Why we love making matcha simple syrup:

Matcha simple syrup is super quick and easy to make with just three ingredients- water, your sweetener of choice, and matcha powder. Plus, it can be used in a number of delicious ways. For example, for making a matcha latte, leveling up your sparkling water or club soda, drizzling over yogurt, a topping for ice cream, mixing into cocktails, and, of course, simply diluting with hot water for a more traditional cup of matcha tea.

5) Metal manual whisk:

While not the traditional bamboo whisk, a metal manual whisk can be a practical alternative that may already be in your kitchen arsenal to use to mix your matcha. Remember that this method requires more effort, muscle strength, and coordination, but the result is worth it—especially if you enjoy the ritualistic aspect of preparing matcha.

How to make matcha using a metal manual whisk:

First, choose a matcha bowl or cup that is wide and tall enough to maneuver your metal whisk. Place in your sifted matcha powder and add hot or cold water. 

Then, place the handle of your metal whisk between both palms and vigorously roll back and forth for at least 20 seconds to suspend your matcha powder and create a smooth, aerated consistency. 

If preparing with milk and sweetener to make a matcha latte with your metal whisk, heat & froth your milk and sweetener separately and then combine with your separately whisked matcha powder and water into the cup you mixed your milk and sweetener in – this helps the matcha suspend for a more extended period and not sink to the bottom of your cup.

What we love about making matcha with a metal kitchen whisk:

This method involves some practice and energy, so it can be a fun daily ritual to practice when making your matcha. It also is an affordable way to prepare matcha if you already have a metal whisk in your kitchen and don't have access to any specific matcha tea accessories, milk frother, or blender.

6) In sweet breakfast bowl recipes (oatmeal, yogurt, & smoothies):

Do you tend to have a sweet tooth in the mornings? Elevate your breakfast routine by incorporating matcha into easy and quick morning recipes like oatmeal or yogurt. Adding matcha powder to your favorite breakfast bowls is a straightforward way to fold matcha into your daily routine.

mix Matcha into recipes like a matcha smoothie bowl

How to add matcha powder to your go-to breakfast bowls:

Sift and then mix your matcha powder directly into your morning breakfast bowls of yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothie bowls using a spoon, whisk, or blender. If preparing hot oatmeal,  it's also nice to add your matcha to your hot water or milk using an electric frother first and then combining with your instant oatmeal of choice.

Why we love adding matcha to our favorite breakfast recipes:

Matcha powder is a dynamic ingredient used in countless recipes that can take your breakfast game to a new level of flavor and nourishment. Matcha's sweet yet delightfully earthy flavor pairs well with various breakfast pastries, smoothie bowls, yogurts, and oatmeals, adding a beautiful, vibrant green hue and supportive health boost. 

Browse sweet and savory matcha recipes here.

7) Milk frother:

If foamy and creamy drinks are your jam, the milk frother matcha method will surely become a staple! Turn your matcha into a luxurious beverage by using a milk frother. This method is perfect for creating matcha lattes or indulgent hot drinks that showcase the exquisite richness of matcha.

How to prepare matcha powder in a milk frother:

Add your milk of choice to the frother (making sure not to exceed the maximum lines) and turn it on. Before you turn it on or while it's spinning, add in your matcha powder and sweetener of choice. Once well mixed and heated to your desired temperature, pour into a mug and enjoy!

Why we love making matcha using a milk frother: 

With the matcha milk frother method, you only need one appliance for heating and mixing, making for a quick, easy cleanup after your matcha daily ritual.

Milk frother for whisking milk

The bottom line: no whisk, no problem

In conclusion, making matcha doesn't have to be a daunting task. With these seven creative methods, you can enjoy the goodness of matcha without the need for a traditional bamboo whisk. 

Experiment with these different ways to make matcha green tea powder without a whisk and find the one that best suits your lifestyle and taste preferences. Whether you're in a hurry, seeking convenience, or looking to add a gourmet touch to your recipes, there's a matcha preparation method for everyone. Cheers to embracing the versatility of matcha!

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