Honey Black Ginger Tea Recipe

Honey Black Ginger Tea Recipe

It’s National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! Here at matcha.com, we’re all about empowering women to love themselves by promoting and supporting proper healthy routines in their daily habits. So, we’ve got the perfect Honey Black Ginger Tea recipe that’s sure to make a woman feel good—inside and out.

What is Japanese aged black ginger tea?

Black ginger tea is an herbal tea made from the roots of black ginger, a type of ginger with a dark brown or black skin. It is a unique variety of ginger that has gained attention for its potential health benefits, surpassing those of regular ginger.


Japanese Aged Black Ginger

Aged black ginger is known for its unique taste and potential health benefits. It is characterized by its higher content of shogaol, a bioactive compound responsible for many of its therapeutic properties that make it so popular in Japan. It boasts an astonishing 300-500 times higher shogoal compared to regular ginger.

Ginger tea properties and benefits

Drinking black ginger tea is greatly beneficial to your health. It’s a uniquely nutrient-dense tea that possesses enhanced anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, potential benefits against metabolic syndromes, and cardio-protective effects. These are just a few crucial and keypoints to highlight on why this tea is so great.

Check out the full list of black ginger properties and benefits.

If you’re looking to restore your gut balance, this is the tea for you. You can read up more here on why both matcha and aged black ginger are great ingredients to help with bloating and gas.

Honey Black Ginger Tea Recipe

Honey Ginger Tea Recipe

Honey Ginger Tea Ingredients:

Honey Ginger Tea Directions:

  1. Prepare a tea bowl and add aged black ginger, cinnamon, and hot water. Whisk until well combined.
  2. Squeeze in half a lemon and add honey. Whisk until well combined.
  3. Enjoy drinking directly from the tea bowl or serve in a mug/glass hot or iced!

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The bottom line: Drink aged black ginger for a healthier you

We love our matcha over here at matcha.com, but we love our black ginger just as well! It smooth and delicious to your throat, and can clean your insides too, leaving your feeling lighter and looser. It’s a great tea to incorporate into your daily routine for an added boost and cleanse.

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