Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipe | Frankenstein Matcha Rice Krispies

Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipe | Frankenstein Matcha Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats were a favorite childhood treat for so many of us! The crunch, chewiness, and sweetness all rolled into one snack is just oh so simple and good. In the spirit of Halloween, we're elevating the classic rice krispie treat with a healthy dose of matcha powder that perfectly balances out the sweetness of marshmallows and adds a touch of ghoulishly green color.

This no-bake frankenstein matcha rice krispie treats recipe is sure to be a crowdpleaser at any halloween party.

healthy matcha rice krispie recipe 154 calories per serving kid friendly


All the ingredients for this no-bake frankenstein matcha rice krispie recipe are easy to find at most grocery stores if they aren't already in your pantry. Plus, the directions are straight to the point and can be followed by kids who want to take charge and help bring these homemade Rice Krispie Frankensteins to life!

It's a no-frills, no-bake recipe that can easily be done at home in a matter of minutes.

Homemade frankenstein matcha rice krispie treats Recipe — No baking required and kid-friendly


  • ¼ cup unsalted butter
  • 1 ¼ cup marshmallows
  • 2 tsp culinary grade matcha powder
  • 1 ¼ cup Kellog's Rice Krispies cereal (or other puffed cereal)
  • Dark chocolate (for decoration)
  • White chocolate chips (for decoration)


  1. Melt butter in a pan over low heat.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in marshmallows until partially melted.
  3. Add matcha powder, then return to low heat, stirring until well combined.
  4. Remove from heat and mix in Rice Krispies.
  5. Press mixture into a lined 7x7-inch pan and refrigerate until set.
  6. Once set, cut into squares.
  7. Decorate with melted dark and white chocolates to create a fun Frankenstein face!
  8. Serve, and enjoy!

kid-friendly no bake halloween matcha recipe: frankenstein rice krispie treats

Elevating a classic rice krispie recipe with matcha powder

There's nothing as comforting as biting into a classic childhood snack than elevating the flavors and visuals to a whole other level with a straightforward twist — matcha powder.

On top of the bright emerald color and addictive flavor profile, matcha's health benefits are another reason to feel good about adding it to your rice krispie recipe. 

It's loaded with antioxidantsvitamins and minerals, and caffeine, too, for that extra boost.

simple and easy rice krispie treat recipe that involve zero heat kid friendly and healthy twist with matcha

Some pro tips when making this matcha rice krispie recipe:

  • If this recipe needs more matcha, then it needs more matcha! Be generous with adding more matcha to deepen its flavor, but be careful not to add TOO much that it overpowers everything else.
  • This recipe can be adjusted for different holidays outside of Halloween! Yes, you can decorate it with a matcha monster like Frankenstein, but you can also add some coconut snowflakes come Christmas. Having it plain is equally as enjoyable too. 
  • Please do keep in mind matcha powder does has caffeine (like most chocolate!), so we don’t recommend this dessert late in the day for young children under the age of 12, or those who may be sensitive to caffeine. Learn more about matcha for kids here.
  • You can substitute Kellog's Rice Krispies cereal with any puffed rice cereal.

More no-bake, no-frill recipes

Matcha powder is an easy and dynamic ingredient that adds a healthful twist to various recipes — and it also provides a wonderfully simple and delicious way to give yourself an energy boost over a conventional cup of coffee.

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