Matcha Mug Cake

Matcha Mug Cake

When that craving for a slice of delicious cake hits, but you don’t actually want to bake a whole cake, mug cake can be the perfect option! Mug cakes are the ultimate easy dessert and perfect for when you just want one portion of something sweet. Ready in under 3 minutes (yes, really!), this matcha mug cake is the perfect low-key dessert. This cake is moist, light, fluffy, and has a rich umami flavor thanks to the matcha.

Bonus: this cake can easily be made vegan by using plant-based milk.  

Matcha mug cake

What is a mug cake?

A mug cake is the perfect portion of cake made in a mug! All you need is your favorite mug and a microwave, and you’ll be enjoying this warm, ooey gooey, matcha cake in mere minutes. We love mug cakes because they are SO easy to make.  

What will you need?

- All-purpose flour

- Granulated sugar: You can adjust the sugar to your own personal preference. You can also experiment with using coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup if you’d like, but don’t use a 1:1 ratio. You’ll need to adjust the amount based on the sweetener you use.

- Matcha powder: A high-quality culinary grade matcha powder works well in this recipe. Check out our culinary grade matcha here.

- Baking powder

- Salt

- Milk: Whole-fat milk will give you a creamier, richer flavor. You can also use a plant-based milk such as almond, oat, soy or coconut.

- Vegetable oil: We recommend avocado oil, which has a neutral taste and also contains healthy fats.

- Vanilla: Opt for the real stuff.

Matcha powder

Tips & Tricks

- This cake doesn’t contain eggs, so feel free to enjoy it on the gooey side if you’d like!

- The kind of mug you use is important. Make sure to use a microwavable one so as not to burn your hands. Mugs that have straight sides will work better and bigger is better. If you use a smaller mug, you may have overflow.

- Microwave strengths can vary, so be sure to experiment a bit to find out what time is right for you.

- Feel free to experiment with different variations, such as chocolate matcha or peanut butter matcha cake. Adding a spoonful of either of these will do! You can also add a spoonful of cream cheese for a richer and creamier option.


3 tbsp all-purpose flour

3 tbsp granulated sugar

1 tsp matcha powder

½ tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

5 tbsp milk

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Dash of vanilla extract


  1. Add all ingredients to a microwave-safe mug
  2. Mix until thoroughly combined
  3. Wipe the sides of the mug to prevent burning
  4. Microwave for 1 minute
  5. Serve with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream


What is a mug cake?

Why make a matcha mug cake?

The better question is, why not make a matcha mug cake? This mug cake is ready in just a few minutes and is delicious on its own or served with whipped cream or ice cream. It can also be adjusted to your taste preferences and easily made vegan. Since it doesn’t contain eggs, there’s no risk of enjoying it more on the gooey side. The next time you’re craving something sweet, give this matcha mug cake a try!

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