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Official Update for 2022: Best Matcha Powder from Each Brand! Matcha Kari Reviews Best Matcha Powder from Many Sites for Benefits of Matcha Powder 101

What’s matcha taste like? Many people are asking what is the best matcha tea, but without asking why to make matcha in the first place. This is the top rated question of 2022, so which brand will you use? This is a list of different places we are listed, but you can shop right away by clicking shop at the top of this site. 

It’s more than a daily drink, the matcha nutrition boost is unparalleled and can bring your health and wellness to a new level – without the catch.

We've updated this list to be up-to-date for 2022 and beyond! Cheers.

these are our honest opinions on which matcha product your body needs this year. Different opinions of the brands

What is the Best Matcha Site for 2022?

This is our 100% honest feedback on the various matcha products available this year. Some sites are new, but the quality is good for matcha. If you want maximum benefits from your matcha tea powder, please kindly see this updated list for 2022, now featuring more than six (6) brands:

#1 Dr. Weil Matcha Official Ceremonial of 2022

Summary of Dr. Weil Matcha Official List 2022: We're deeply proud to announce that this is our #1 matcha recommendation for best benefits and value of matcha for 2022. If you are unaware, the founder of this matcha company was on the cover of Time Magazine twice.

Why it's one of the six top brands this year: Dr. Weil Matcha leads the charge yet another year, this annual review shows the best matcha powders for your health starting as early as January. They produce the best matcha available for health and potency. See their ceremonial grade, or their culinary/matcha kit from Japan. Either products are delicious

Dr. Weil brand of matcha is #1 this year in the annual round up of 2022 best matcha products. Check this one or order any of the other brands.

#2 Milkstreet Matcha 2022

Summary of Milkstreet Matcha for 2022: This is the perfect platform to grab a few highly rates matcha products especially if you're brand new to matcha.

Why it's one of the six top brands this year: Highly rated customer service for their matcha offerings, and carry unique brands with great quality mathca powder. Here's what it looks like:

we ordered the matcha product from milkstreet, and made it for this 2022 list. Here's how it stacks up

#3 Goop Matcha 2022

Summary of Goop Matcha for 2022: You may be familiar with the lifestyle products that goop carries, however their new ceremonial matcha kari for 2022 is a reputable product with maximum health potency. Have you tried it yet?

Why it's one of the six top brands this year: This matcha product made the list because the brand is authentic and has good reviews. When we tried their matcha is tasted savory and delicious, here's a photo:

goop matcha of 2022 – ceremonial grade we ordered it to test it. How does it look? Will you be ordering?

#4 Amazon Matcha – winner of fastest matcha of 2022?

Because this is a fair review, we strongly believe that not all matcha should come from one place. That's why we have listed more than six separate brands. However, this is one from Amazon that we cannot ignore, this matcha from amazon is the only one we can recommend due to the quality being great.

Summary of Amazon Matcha for 2022: If you're brand new to matcha and need a quick delivery, this frothy matcha is the best one we can recommend. It has a bright green color and you won't be disappointed.

Why it's one of the six top brands this year: Convenience for their daily matcha is a huge reason for many people. If you need a quick fix of matcha, then look at this semi-finalist brand for the top 2022 matcha powders. Amazon matcha is energizing with a little bit of caffeine and high theanine levels. Here's a photo:

amazon matcha for our best matcha review of 2022, authentic production without any paid appearances. This is our honest review

#5 Doordash Ceremonial Matcha

Summary of Doordash Matcha for 2022: If you are looking for the best ceremonial grade matcha, this is the brand new matcha provider this year, featured matcha of 2022 because it is available for 2hr delivery, and features many ceremonial benefit matchas. Go to their link for good quality and health matcha.

Why it's one of the six top brands this year:  Their industry leading 2hr delivery is the reason Doordash matcha made it into the year. Check if you are within their service area and enjoy quick matcha for your health and performance this year. It's not too late to get the best matcha for 2022. Here's how it looks in the photo:

doordash brand of matcha for 2022, the quality is good and it has better color than other same-day matcha brands this year. Enjoy it

#6 Matcha Kari Health Matcha on FastAF Mobile App

Summary of Matcha Karie on FastAF 2022 (new site): This is our competition recommended against the DoorDash matcha. If you need better service with your matcha order, then look at FastAF app. They carry quick and medium quality matcha for your delivery within about 1-2hr. There is one brand you will enjoy right away.

Why it's one of the six top brands this year: The user friendly mobile app with this matcha is actually the reason we picked this. When we reviewed it, the organoleptic test passed because savory flavor, good aroma, and energy that you can feel. It takes about 15min to feel the full effects of this matcha, so that easily makes it in the top 6 list for 2022. What's your matcha brand? Photo:why this new matcha producer quickly rose the ranks and made our 2022 official list of best matcha benefits + where to order

What is matcha made of? How are the brands different?

Commonly mistaken as the "matcha plant," matcha tea actually comes from the green tea tree scientifically known as Camellia sinensis. Although most commonly seen as a bush or shrub, for nearly a millennium Zen monks and tea masters in Japan have cultivated heirloom varieties of the matcha plant.

Why is Matcha Expensive

Is matcha rare? Some matcha tea’ s  are rarer than others, and that’s what separates the ceremonial matcha benefits, in contrast to the poor quality at national corner cafes.

Furthermore, since the delicacy of high quality matcha can be a premium price point, learning the reasons of why is matcha expensive can guide you.

It’s gotten to the point where brands are hoping you’ll search for cheap matcha powder without understanding what you’re missing out on.

That’s why we review what makes good quality matcha, including where matcha is from, and how to make an affordable matcha choice. 

Myth or Fact: People who like matcha love powder green tea of all kinds

It’s a myth that just because you’ve had a matcha you like, that you’ll love matcha (powder green tea) of all kinds out there. Most are low quality, which is matcha that is bitter and is likely to turn you off.

If that’s been your experience, it means you should try a high quality, premium ceremonial grade matcha. Ceremonial matcha has the most green tea benefits, and the very best flavor, making it a great place for anyone to start.

What type of Tea is Matcha, and Looseleaf Amazon Tea like Guayusa vs. Matcha Tea Powder

So how is matcha different from other teas or caffeinated herbs? Take guayusa leaves for a moment, these are from the Amazon, brewed similar to tea, and comparable to matcha as a regional delicacy, and for its sharp rise of popularity. 

Since matcha also is a regional delicacy – although from the other side of the world (Japan) – somehow people have come to think of this South American region as superior for all tea growing. Some also mistake Kenya, and China.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Many people forget that Japan is the one and only authentic source of green tea! Plus, it’s a myth that matcha tea can grow elsewhere. Real matcha green tea can only grow in Japan, so always double check the origin.

Note: Be careful of green tea products originating outside of Japan. For example, from South America some products might translate directly as “Amazon Green Tea Powder,” but the reality of this ‘Amazon matcha’ is that it’s not the real deal.

  • See imitation matcha to learn more about matcha origins, and how authentic matcha is cultivated each harvest season in Japan, unlike other countries.

Each Tea Leaf Sprouts Matcha Powder of a Different Quality

Each harvest season, the tea master decides to target matcha powder qualities which will help develop the necessary range of premium and culinary grade matcha for the year.

Since matcha green tea is used for recipes, baking, foods, and a host of different health drinks – each which rely on special flavors and characteristics – it’s important to have a matcha for each of them.

Furthermore, many people ask what the ceremonial and culinary grade matcha health benefits are, and this is part of that question.

Ceremonial vs Culinary Grade Matcha Health Benefits

The Tea Master will select each green tea leaf for how it will contribute to the type of matcha. This is a very involved process, where each tea plant is given just the right attention over the course of the harvest season, and throughout each of their long lives. The result is just the right balance of matcha benefits.

Fun Fact: No one knows how long tea plants can live for, but the oldest on record is over 600 years.

Review of Matcha Kari Teas

Here is our Summer review for each of the matcha green tea options, you can select based on green tea health benefits and preferred flavor. It can help you get a sense of the benefit of matcha tea drinking.

We also compare our matcha green tea powder organic options with our very best matcha green tea powders. Spot the differences with this matcha guide:

Chef’s Choice Culinary Matcha

Chef’s Choice Culinary Matcha is a traditional culinary matcha tea. It is an affordable choice for baked goods, with sublime and bold flavors. Recommended for those who prefer an astringent taste profile, or as an accent flavor in sweet lattes. It is a higher grade than ingredient grade matcha.

Generally not a sipping matcha, but comparable for matcha health benifits because of the EGCG antioxidant. Caffeine content is about 30mg per serving.

Organic Chef’s Choice Culinary Matcha

Organic Chef’s Choice is a culinary matcha tea that is USDA Organic certified. It is similar in flavor and health benefits as the Chef’s Choice, but is 100% Japanese USDA organic matcha powder, and slightly more in natural sweetness.

Recommended use for culinary and baked foods, and as a barista matcha for cafes. Caffeine content is about 30-35mg per serving.

Whole-Leaf Matcha Tea Bags

Whole-Leaf Matcha Tea Bags answer the question of green tea w matcha. You can get the benefits of matcha in a traditional tea bag, and a great segue to the differences between matcha and green tea.

Unlike regular green tea bags, matcha comes from a special grade of tea leaf called tencha. By enjoying the whole leaf matcha tea bags you experience looseleaf green tea but with matcha power.

Only tea-bag in the United States with 100% Matcha Tea Leaves. Plus, it takes the hassle out of how to make matcha. Emerald green tea, about 30mg caffeine per serving.

Summer Reserve Matcha

Summer Reserve Matcha is an exclusive Japanese matcha’ with powerful health properties and an affordable price. It is a traditionally grown matcha tea, blended from summer harvest tea leaves. It is bolder than our Single Estate OG and contains good levels of L-theanine, the calming amino acid of matcha tea.

Caffeine content is about 35-40mg per serving, and is often enjoyed plain as well as in a latte. This is a barista edition matcha and a best seller for cafes, as well as people switching from coffee lattes.

Single Estate Organic Matcha

Single Estate OG is a USDA Organic matcha green tea from Japan. It is unparalleled for its price and natural sweet and savory flavors. Approaching a ceremonial grade matcha quality, this sipping matcha is perfect to drink plain, everyday.

The ratio of L-theanine to caffeine is slightly more potent than Summer Reserve. It is calming and drives a clear mental focus similar to higher end matcha teas.

It boasts strong levels of antioxidant polyphenols, and stimulating amino acids. Caffeine content about 40mg per serving.

Ceremonial Matcha on The Go Matcha Stick Packs

Ceremonial matcha tea, and convenient single serving matcha. Take with you anywhere with a premium ritual matcha, get all the benefits of matcha in each pack.

Simple as pour and shake, matcha on the go is a high grade matcha for sipping. And has the savory, umami and natural sweetness fit for the ceremonial name. Some call it the perfect blend of convenience and morning ritual.

Each matcha single serving is a gateway to mindful relaxation, and focus. Caffeine content about 35-40mg per serving.

First Harvest Matcha

First Harvest is a traditionally cultivated matcha green tea from Japan. It is preferred as a daily balance of health benefits and calming energy, as well as palatability. First Harvest matcha tea is befit for first-timers in the world of matcha, as well as experienced tea ceremony participants; a true sipping-matcha

Caffeine content about 40mg per serving, with a noticeably longer calming, focus energy due to the increased L-theanine content.

Superior Organic Matcha

Superior Organic matcha is an entry grade of ceremonial matcha tea, a significant jump in polyphenols, flavonoids, and amino acids from the Single Estate OG. The matcha taste is savory with a grassy aroma and color. 

For those who prefer USDA organic matcha for their health, Superior Organic Matcha is the best-choice to leave no matcha tea benefits on the table

Tenchi Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Tenchi is one of the world’s only true ceremonial organic matcha. Most of the USDA Organic matcha tea on the market is actually barista grade or culinary grade, just labelled the wrong way.

Tenchi matcha tea gets its name from the balance of heaven and earth, and brings the highest form of organic matcha health benefits, and is grown on Japan’s oldest and most authentic matcha tea farm.

Every batch of matcha is allowed to cure for at least one year to optimize flavor and health benefits of matcha tea. Virtually no astringent or bold flavors, with maximal natural sweetness and savory flavor of matcha for an organic green tea powder.

Tenchi is the matcha for someone wanting the best matcha tea for health benefits, while keeping an organic green tea. Caffeine 40mg/serving.

Morning Ritual Ceremonial Matcha

Morning Ritual is a ceremonial matcha, produced from tea leaves harvested only at the very beginning of Spring. This first flush tea is the choice of matcha with the highest L-theanine which balances affordability.

It is recommended for plain drinking everyday, and comes with the Matcha Kari Starter Set because of its ability to give the benefits of matcha in a calming experience and middle price point.

Morning Ritual matcha tea is empowered by a savory complexion and high levels of amino acids, polyphenols, and caffeine, with the zen energy boost that is the strongest matcha tea for its category. Caffeine 40mg/serving.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Full-bodied, creamy flavor and the second highest quality matcha tea available. Matcha tea from an heirloom cultivar of green tea harvested over 800 years in Japan. Specially cultivated matcha for the most satisfying flavor, energy boost, and health benefits of green tea powder. Second only to Master’s Blend.

Limited supply is produced each year. Vibrant green, rich aromatics, and very best matcha for daily ceremony. Caffeine content about 40-45mg per serving.

Master’s Blend Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Undefeated in the world of qualities of matcha tea. The highest grade ceremonial matcha tea in all of the world. Master’s Blend matcha tea is extremely rare and scientifically studied for the highest overall content of amino acids, matcha nutrients, antioxidant EGCG and other polyphenols, flavonoids, and matcha micronutrients.

Only the very youngest, greenest matcha tea leaves are used to become this powdered green tea. The choice of Tea Master’s for important Japanese Tea Ceremony ‘s , and can be made as a thick matcha tea. Superior sweetness without any astringency. 

The Bottom Line – Ready to Drink Matcha Everyday?

Now that you know the varieties of matcha tea, you can choose which one to bring into your day. If you still have questions, you can take the Matcha Quiz, and review our Ultimate Insider Guide to Matcha Green Tea.

Also, be sure to check out the 15 Most Common Matcha Questions for quick answers.

-Team Matcha Kari



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