The Best Unique Tea Gifting Ideas for the Holidays

The Best Unique Tea Gifting Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering what to gift your loved ones that won't end up in next year's white elephant exchange.

There's nothing worse than agonizing over a Christmas gift or Hanukkah present only for the receiver to look disappointed. But fear not, with these matcha gift sets and other tea gift ideas, we've got you covered for everyone in your life – from the green tea lovers in your life to the person who has everything.

Whether you are looking for a more traditional type of tea gift or something more unique and creative, there is definitely a tea gift in our list below.

Whether you are looking for a more traditional type of tea gift or something more unique and creative, there is definitely a tea gift in our list below.

The ultimate tea gift guide for Christmas, Hanukkah, & more

We've compiled a list of the best matcha (and non-matcha) tea gifting ideas for everyone in your life! These are tried and true tea products we personally know and love. We guarantee that no matter who you give these to, they are sure to be loved, appreciated, and actually used.

Read below for the tea best gifts and tea gift sets for any occasion this holiday season and beyond:

A tea gift for your family and friends

A gift for your family and friends

'Digital Temp-Controlled Kettle' $195.00

'Digital Temp-Controlled Kettle' $195.00When it comes to tea pot gifts, this precision temperature-controlled kettle is the ideal gift for your loved ones – especially those who may already be tea lovers and enjoy preparing tea in a variety of ways. It also makes for the perfect matcha tea accessory, as matcha tea powder is easily burned. This aesthetically pleasing tea kettle allows you to choose the precise temperature of water you'd like and has up to a 60-minute hold time. No matter what beverage preference your family and friends have, they will be sure to appreciate this temp-controlled tea pot kettle gift.

A tea gift for you and your significant other (SO)

A gift for you and your significant other (SO)

‘Premium Ceremonial Master’s Blend’ $99.00 + ‘Premium Hand-Made Japanese Chawan (tea bowl)’ $47.00

ceremonial master blend and tea bowl as a gift for your significant other

Give you and your significant other the best of the best this holiday season. Our ceremonial master's blend is a full-bodied, thick matcha tea that is fit for the finest of tea ceremonies and carries the highest caffeine content of all of our matcha powders. Because it is of such high quality and hard to produce and procure, it is extremely limited. Pair our incredible master's blend with a handmade, unique matcha tea bowl for the ultimate matcha tea experience. Both you and your partner can pick from a variety of different styles and colors of tea bowls.

A tea gift for coffee lovers: switch from coffee to tea

A gift for coffee lovers

‘Japanese Aged Black Ginger’ $38.24 + ‘Ceremonial Daily Wellness Bundle’, $74.00

the daily wellness tea bundle is the perfect gift this holiday for coffee lovers

This is the perfect reset gift for those who may be overdoing it on the coffee caffeine. Trust us when we tell you the coffee drinker in your life will LOVE the uniqueness and fun of the fermented ginger and turmeric powder. Turmeric and ginger are calming, relaxing, and caffeine-free, making them excellent choices for anyone already drinking too much caffeine and don't necessarily want to give up their coffee. Our ceremonial blend is also a great introduction to matcha caffeine and has a similar zing and pick-me-up feel to espresso but without the jitters. 

Learn about the health benefits of turmeric here.

Learn about the unique health benefits of Japanese aged black ginger here,

The perfect tea gift for matcha green tea lovers

A gift for matcha tea lovers 

'Spring Sampler Pack' $103.00

'Spring Sampler Pack' $103.00

Our spring sampler pack comes with a 30-gram tin of some of our finest matcha: Summer Reserve, First Harvest, and Organic Superior. The matcha lover in your life will enjoy getting to sample these unique and limited blends. This pack is perfect for someone who can truly appreciate the nuance of flavors, from the silky-smooth taste of the summer reserve to the rich, sweet flavor of the superior organic. 

A tea gift for workout enthusiasts

A gift for workout enthusiasts 

'Matcha-Aid Apoptogenic Electrolyte Blend' $31.00

matcha aid is the perfect gift for workout enthusiasts

Our Matcha-Aid electrolyte blend is scientifically formulated with the ideal blend of adaptogens and electrolytes to meet nutritional needs and help with performance and recovery. Every athlete in your life will appreciate this delicious way to stay properly hydrated. It’s also a wonderful alternative to other pre-workout or post-workout recovery drinks.

A tea gift for workout enthusiasts: matcha for pre-workout

A gift for the health nuts 

'Adaptogen Organic Matcha Latte' $39.00

This adaptogen matcha blend is formulated with high-quality matcha, a mix of mushrooms and ashwagandha to help reduce stress and boost energy. These unique ingredients will make anyone interested in health swoon, making it the ideal gift for anyone in your life who is especially health conscious. This blend also happens to be especially quick and easy to make. It will also perfectly blend into most smoothie recipes!

Check out our ultimate fat-burning smoothie recipe here.

A tea gift for busy people on-the-go

A gift for busy people on-the-go 

matcha on-the-go sticks are perfect for a busy friend or loved one as a gift!

'Whole-Leaf Matcha Tea Bags' $27.00 + 'Matcha on the Go' Ceremonial Stick Packs $32.00.

Whole-leaf matcha tea bags and our matcha to-go powders make it easy for that person who is always running out the door. All they need is a to-go mug and some filtered water and they have a delicious, perfectly-made matcha every time.

A tea gift for the matcha powder newbies

A gift for the matcha newbies

 'New to Matcha' Full Kit with Organic Matcha $129.00

A gift for the matcha newbies

This kit is the perfect option for someone who is interested in matcha but has yet to quite figure out how to make it at home. This beautiful kit comes with absolutely everything you need to make a perfect cup of matcha or latte at home. It comes with a 30-gram tin of our organic ceremonial matcha- giving you that ideal sip from start to finish. All you have to do is choose between our electric frother or the hand-held bamboo whisk. Can't decide? Get both! We'd recommend the 80-prong bamboo whisk for the more slow-paced moments and the electric frother for the busier days. The electric ‘bamboo style’ frother is also an especially good choice if you enjoy making lattes and need to froth your milk too.

Gifts for a work colleague and mass corporate gifting

Gifts for a work colleague and mass corporate gifting

'Ceremonial Flavored Organic Matcha' All three flavors for $99.00

'Ceremonial Flavored Organic Matcha' All three flavors for $99.00

This set of flavored matcha is the perfect gift for your coworker and also makes easy corporate gifting in bulk. This kit comes with vanilla, chocolate, and mango-flavored matcha that is sure to be enjoyed and actually used! Whether your coworker has never tried matcha or has been drinking it for years, they are sure to love these fun matcha flavors. 

The bottom line | Gifting holidays are upon us – give the unique gift of tea this year!

Whether you're shopping for a close friend, family member, or colleague or are looking for white elephant gift ideas, these tea gifts make any gifting season a bit easier (and healthier!). 

Here's to a joyful and matcha-filled season for you and your loved ones!


This holiday season… don't forget to treat yourself as well!