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Are Pre Workout Drinks Safe? Matcha, Best Healthy Pre Workout Drink?

It can be difficult to get around to a regular exercise routine, but a natural pre workout drink can be a big help to energizing and fueling a successful workout. There’s a lot of choices, many of them artificial and synthetic. That’s why below we review the exciting nutrients and...

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How to Make: Matcha Green Tea Smoothie | Fat Burning Smoothies

While other matcha smoothie recipes chalk-up the green tea solely as a caffeinator, it so happens that matcha powder is typically the ingredient with the most concentrated nutrition, health benefits in any smoothie. Some also wonder if you can make a green tea smoothie without matcha, the reality is that...

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Fermented Foods and COVID | Natural ACE2 inhibitor?

We first reported on potential, natural strategies worth considering at the beginning of the pandemic. As always there are conflicting thoughts... To date? No magical cures of course, and reasonably we still must wait for an approved vaccine. Recently though in the flood of COVID research, a population study has...

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How to make a Matcha Latte? Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

How to make a Matcha Latte? Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe Have you been wondering how to make a Matcha Latte? An ice cold matcha latte is one of the most refreshing experiences imaginable. In fact, preparing the matcha powder in a cold way can actually allow more of the...

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Does Matcha Break Intermittent Fasting? Does Matcha Ruin a Water Fast? Matcha Calories

What is fasting? For a practice with ancient roots, it’s a bit surprising (and exciting!) to see a modern revitalization which takes this powerful health strategy seriously. Yet, like all things health there are a number of “camps” as to what fasting means, how it should be done, and what...

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