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Best Water for Japanese Tea, Water Type and Temperature for Matcha Tea

There’s more to green tea than just matcha powder. Green tea as a category has at least a handful of popular types, including: tencha leaf, sencha leaves, gyokuro, and roasted green teas like hojicha (also spelled houjicha). Each form of tea is host to unique expressions of general flavor, and...

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How Japanese Green Tea and Matcha Tea Powder Benefit your Brain Health

Matcha tea and fine Japanese loose-leaf teas may be giving the idea that “two heads are better than one” a run for its money. A prominent study cited throughout the last year measured the brain health of tea drinkers is some of the latest evidence suggesting cognitive benefits and mental...

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Optimize Exercise with Matcha Glycogen Supplement, Polyphenol Biohacks

When we first released this article, we were smack-dab in the middle of our 30-day Matcha Challenge, something that many of us are still following more than half a year later. To summarize the challenge in six words: “Drink matcha twice daily, feel amazing.” Anyway – as 2020 has had...

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What's the Best Matcha Brand? Ethically-sourced Authentic Japan Matcha

Matcha might be the newest addition to the Starbucks® and Dunkin'® (Dunkin' Donuts®) line-up, but the growing popularity doesn’t mean that you’re getting real matcha powder. In fact, it could often mean quite the opposite. As we’ll discuss here, only a fraction of the producers of fine matcha tea remain...

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Safety of Powdered L-theanine Extracts vs. Natural Sources of Theanine

Have you been drinking your daily L-theanine?  It’s good for you after all – or at least, usually, that is. The cutting-edge of coffee brands and even nootropic supplement companies have likely dosed you with L-theanine more than once. Whether to your knowledge or not, the gist is that L-theanine is...

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