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Safety of Powdered L-theanine Extracts vs. Natural Sources of Theanine

Have you been drinking your daily L-theanine?  It’s good for you after all – or at least, usually, that is. The cutting-edge of coffee brands and even nootropic supplement companies have likely dosed you with L-theanine more than once. Whether to your knowledge or not, the gist is that L-theanine is...

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Best Chlorophyll Supplement for Health | Does Matcha have Chlorophyll?

Have you noticed? Green. Is. In. House-plants. Matcha Powder. Supergreens. Green Smoothies. Not only is the color green soothing to the eye, it’s often soothing to our health from within. It’s the color we look for in healthy Juices, smoothies, and even some superfood powders. As one of nature’s favorite...

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Analysis of Matcha Powder Benefits vs. 5 Best Green Powder Superfoods

Have you ever wondered what’s the best green powder? It’s no longer a choice between just leafy green powder or spirulina, as now we have countless choices of superfood powders. Some familiar, and as well a growing range of exotic green powders – more often than not coming with little...

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Whipped Pumpkin Matcha Latte | Spiced Matcha Latte with Pumpkin Puree

In the world of matcha just about anything goes, and often what’s been done with coffee can be done with matcha – arguably, only better. Furthermore, as trendy café drinks take their turn in the limelight, inevitably us matcha lovers find a way to one-up those coffee concoctions by making the...

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What to Add to Make Matcha Taste Better | 8 Ways to Make Matcha Better

Have you ever wondered “Why does matcha make me feel so good?” Well, if you haven’t, then either you haven’t had matcha, or that the matcha you had was bitter – the most common indicator of imitation matcha. Unfortunately for many people imitation matcha is all they’ve come to know....

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