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The Perfect Cup of Japanese Tea: 4 Steps You Should Follow

Most people identify tea-drinking as a source of good health. Although not all of us may be familiar with the whole range of unique or exotic Japanese teas – it shouldn't stop us from participating in what can be a delicious ritual! In fact, for many a well-prepared cup of...

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Whipped Pumpkin Matcha Latte | Spiced Matcha Latte with Pumpkin Puree

In the world of matcha just about anything goes, and often what’s been done with coffee can be done with matcha – arguably, only better. Furthermore, as trendy café drinks take their turn in the limelight, inevitably us matcha lovers find a way to one-up those coffee concoctions by making the...

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Similar to “Starbucks®” Pink Drink | Watermelon Pink Drink with Matcha

Strawberry “Starbucks® Style” Pink Drink | Calories & Recipe This watermelon pink drink with matcha, cold, will soothe the summer heat in no time! Plus, you can stay at home and quench your pink drink Starbucks® cravings with full control!  We’ve all heard of the so-called “secret menu” at Starbucks®. Fortunately...

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Matcha Chia Pudding Recipe | Matcha and Chia Health Benefits |

As this Chia Pudding variation goes to show, matcha green tea is much more versatile than ‘just for’ plain drinking. Certainly matcha is lovely to drink by itself, but you’ve inevitably seen this special green tea powder sprout up as a coffee alternative, as well as a unique take on...

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Juicing Greens | Green Juice Benefits | Ginger Green Juice with Matcha

Matcha Green Tea makes it easy to upgrade your existing juicing routine, and can help anyone ensure they achieve that vibrant green color, even if just starting out. The natural antioxidants in matcha tea, and the dense chlorophyll can help your juicing greens stretch farther, and may also allow your...

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